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Velbon - Since 1955

World's Largest Specialist Manufacturers of Tripods

Whatever your intended application or experience level – from amateur to professional – Velbon has the right tripod for you, with the added peace of mind that comes from its rich heritage.
Photographers, bird watchers and videographers have been finding their perfect match and support from amongst the Velbon range of products for more than half a century.

World’s largest
We’re a brand that’s very forward looking too, constantly innovating and exceeding expectation. But don’t just take our word for it, the facts speak for themselves: Today we’re the world’s largest specialist tripod manufacturer, thanks in part to offering world-class quality at an incredible price.
With the aim to not just be better, but to be the best – our mantra in 1955, and continued to this day – Velbon was one of the first brands to introduce the use of lightweight yet strong carbon composite materials and magnesium alloys in its tripod construction. And, having earned the title of ‘The Tripod Innovator’, we don’t stand still. We’re constantly developing cutting-edge compact and lightweight solutions that are taller and more durable than competing designs.

The long and the short of it
Our goal is always the shortest possible folded length but the versatility of a long extended length when needed. An idea hit upon by Velbon President Ken Nakatani, who has a background in R&D and engineering, led to the development of our unique technology that allows each tripod leg section to be of the same length, instead of becoming progressively shorter, as on rival designs.

With Nakatani inspired by the design of a cannon, Velbon avoided the use of bolts in its construction, relying instead on hinges that would allow the inside of each leg section to remain empty. Hence they can be folded to provide a more compact size for easier transportation. This process has enabled Velbon to deliver the Maxi 347GB tripod with an extended length of an impressive 150cm but folded length of just 48cm – recognised as ‘the ideal’ by photography experts.

For the best support, pack a GEO
By far our most innovative tripod range is Velbon GEO. This unique composite material tripod comprises carbon fibre and basalt legs with magnesium alloy heads to provide both ruggedness and portability in a single compelling package.

There are five other Velbon tripod ‘families’ to choose from including Sherpa+, Sherpa, Ultra, CX and Video ranges, all distributed in the UK by Intro2020. So whether you need a tripod to help capture still or video, supports binoculars or a spotting scope, you will find your perfect match from within the Velbon range. It is a brand in which we take pride and one that we’re confident you will feel proud to use too.