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commitment to craftmanship
Commitment to Craftmanship
Velbon - Since 1955

Commitment to Craftsmanship
Most of us might think that there is nothing particularly high tech about a camera support with three legs. But we’d be wrong. For decades Velbon has been re-defining the tripod as we know it, and that has meant facing many technical challenges.

At one time our best professional tripod for large or medium format cameras weighed 3.9kgs and was manufactured in aluminium. But by switching to magnesium alloy construction for both the tripod head and body, we were able to reduce overall weight by a third – and without losing anything in durability or performance. We also take into account how our tripods are used.

Each time the shutter of an SLR camera is fired, the mirror raises and lowers, causing a vibration. As any photographer knows, vibrations cause movement, and any movement can affect the sharpness of the image captured. But, via the Velbon tripod combination of magnesium alloy construction with carbon fibre leg tubes, any vibration is absorbed.

It’s thanks to our 50+ years pedigree that we’re able to both foresee problems like this one and find market-leading solutions. Velbon tripods are the product of expertise and craftsmanship, not easily reproduced or copied. And, with some unique products to suit every user, fortunately there’s no need for you to settle for anything less.